tirsdag 5. april 2016

Husk konkurransen på FB!

Reglene er enkle:
"Garnbomb" ditt eget tre,
ta et bilde og last det opp på FB!

Noen ideer:)

Yarn Bombing:  Yarn Graffiti | The Art of Yarn Bombing & Crochet Graffiti:  Yarnbombing Curitiba-Brasil   love the eyes:
Yarn bombing with flowers. You SEW Girl: Multi-faceted weekend:

Yarn bombing:

Pom Pom Yarn Bomb! If you can't knit and you want to yarn bomb, this is the way.:  This is the one I've been looking for!  There is one by the road just past Yokine primary school that I see on my daily commute.  I can do this surely?!:  I <3 yarn bombing.:

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