onsdag 10. februar 2016

Inspirasjon - Hjerter

Would love lots of these to string together to make bunting - love nice natural colours as well as some brights:
foto: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/387942955375891851/

Hjemmelagede hjerter i hønsenetting:
foto: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/387942955375891853/

Janet: hjerter:
foto: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/387942955375907326/

Happy Colorful Crochet Heart Pattern for sale on craftsy.:
foto: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/b3/c7/18/b3c7185b851a75947a91313f7e702e8f.jpg

foto: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/387942955380261608/

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