lørdag 24. september 2011

en ode til heklenålen...

"MY FIRST CROCHET HOOK", by Helen Bootes

It was back in the 40's,
I was 11 that year.
There were 10 of us kids
And money was dear.

I visited our neighbor,
Just crocheting away.
I watched her for hours,
Not a word did I say.

All the while I thought,
I could do that too.
I'll go home and tell Don,
He'll know what to do.

Don was our big brother,
And it was quick to see,
When he said "Just calm down,
And explain it to me."

"I need a crochet hook.
It should be this long, Don,
With a hook on the end,
So the yarn will stay on."

Later he came back
With that 'I-made-it' look,
And I knew in an instant. . .
I had my first crochet hook.

He had taken a twig,
From a tree on our land,
Smoothed it down with a file,
Just right for my hand.

Now many years have passed,
And I crochet with pride.
Knowing how I got started,
There's a warm feeling inside.

So thanks to my brother,
Cause I know what it took.
Now nothing can replace
My first crochet hook.

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theANIMAL sa...

Det var godt skrevet... Man skal alltid takke sin bror..


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